Take Away / Take Out

La Bouchee Take Away containers and Take Out boxes are a great selection for packaging premade food or raw ingredients among various other uses for your cafe, room service, events, or for your Take out service. We are living in a fast-paced world and we know that your customers are always on the go and busy. With so many take away options to choose from, yours is top quality, fresh, delicious, and best of all, ready to go. So, La Bouchee is offering you a selection of high end, fancy, and versatile to-go containers for all your to-go needs. You will find a selection of reusable and dishwasher safe PET Manson Jars for your salad, snack, or dessert. We have some nice verrine containers to present your sweet creation like our popular Clear Cake Dome with a black base. La Bouchee also offers a line of take-out containers fully eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable. You will find here a selection of soup cups, ice cream cups, pasta cups, salad containers, and more made of Bamboo fiber or kraft paper. Our eco-friendly collection is strong, durable, and versatile. They will hold any of your culinary creations from hot soup to ice cream. Whatever you need, we will be happy to help. La Bouchee food container selection is perfect for customers who enjoy your food but don’t have time to eat-in. We have all the takeaway supplies you need to serve your delectable foods to a fast-paced hungry world.

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