Cocktail plate w/ glass holder – 250/cs

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This Cocktail Sugarcane Pulpe plate w/ glass holder will be the best friend of your clients and for the planet. With one hand your guests can handle their glass and some of your delicious treats without staying in front of the buffet and still have one free hand to sign the check. These Cocktail Sugarcane Pulp plate are made from compostable sugarcane pulp also called bagasse. They are crafted from premium sugarcane fiber, so you can trust in these Cocktail Sugarcane Pulp plate to be strong enough to carry your amuse bouche, appetizer and other culinary treats too and a full glass of wine.

This Cocktail Plate is both compostable and biodegradable, which allows you to decrease your carbon footprint. So be green and use this plate today and save our planet tomorrow. Enjoy!

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In stock

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Pack of 250 cs
Color White
MaterialBiodegradable Sugarcane Pulp
Length9.45 inch
Width 5.11 inch
Height0,5 inch

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