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Leaf Shape Sugarcane – 200/cs

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Yes, this is new and it’s so sweet. This is the perfect combination of biodegradable product and design.

These Mini Leaf Shape Sugarcane Pulp plates are made from compostable sugarcane pulp also called bagasse. They are crafted from premium sugarcane fiber, so you can trust in these Mini Sugarcane Leaf Shape Plate to be strong enough to carry your amuse bouche, appetizer and other culinary treats too. They have a high resistance from 0°F to 302°F, so yes you can use them into your oven on top of 302°F and your guest will be happy to bite your warm appetizer, amuse bouche.

This Sugarcane Pulp Leaf Shape plate is 100% biodegradable, so using this Mini Leaf Plate meaning helping out the environment and preserve our planet. Don’t wait any longer to do something for your planet and use our eco-friendly today and save the planet tomorrow. Enjoy

$ 60.00

In stock (can be backordered)

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Pack of 200 cs
Color White
MaterialBiodegradable Sugarcane Pulp
Length3.75 inch
Width2.25 inch
Height0.2 inch

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